Holt County Missouri Historical Society 

Established in 1972


PO Box 55

Mound City MO



President - Angela Brook 

Vice President -  Norma McCurry 

Secretary -  Nancy Nauman 

Treasurer - Jason Finney 

Board Member - Caroyln Fansher, Nathan Livengood, Nancy Peters, Andrew Peters and Annie Hall 

"One Shingle at a Time" = New roof on the depot 

Our "One Shingle at a Time" campaign that started in early spring of 2023 with the goal of raising enough money to put a new roof ont eh depot has been a huge success. wen we started the campagin, we did not think we would see a new roof by the fall, but we did. the socitey would like to thank everyone who donated to our campaign. The depot was in serious need of a new roof and were so very thankful that it has been put on before winter. Midwest Homes & Restoration put the new roof on and is currently finishing up soem fascia work and installing new gutters and downspouts. The picutre aboce shows the new roof as the project was being finished up. We feel truly blessed to have had such great support from people to be able to accomplish this project so quickly.